Summer English American camp

Annual English Speaking Family Camp! Maroz, located in the beautiful Lake District of Poland is the location of this camp, which is aimed at sharing the Gospel of Jesus through the means of teaching English. This year we had over twenty missionary volunteers coming all the way from North America!

The theme for this camp was Colossians 2:7 “Rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.” (ESV). The camp includes daily teachings of English through the teaching of the Bible, both as a whole camp and also in smaller groups, as well as fun activities such as kayaking, large scale games, and much, much more.

This year the camp happened to coincide with the 4th of July, a large US holiday! With the aid of our many American missionaries we played an America-themed scavenger hunt, as well as a march and a camp fire dinner with worship and testimonies.

It is our (informal) tradition to have a fancy dress banquet on the last day of camp, so be sure to bring something smart when you come! But most of all, remember to bring your fun, friends and family, and your desire to learn more about of creator God! It truly is always a blast of a time!

If you have any queries or wish to sign up for future camps please contact Hope4U on the ‘Contact’ page, or contact Bogdan directly. We also welcome volunteers! If you wish to get involved please contact us using the aforementioned details.