Summer camp 2020

Annual English Speaking Family Camp! Maroz, located in the beautiful Lake District of Poland is the location of this camp, which is aimed at sharing the Gospel of Jesus through the means of teaching English. This year we were so blessed by God to be able to have the camp (due to Covid-19). Though we could not have the usual American volunteers, God opened the doors and over 90 people managed to come. On top of that, we had two baptisms, one of which, a new comer from the Philippines, Jane. And another, who is a long time attender of these camps, Lester. As well as a young woman giving her life to the Lord.

The camp was split into three main groups; kids, teens and adults.

In charge of kids programme we had Prasanth, who leads Sunday school at International Christian Fellowship in Warsaw. His passion for the Lord alongside other young adult volunteers for the same church brought fun and shared the hope of Jesus to the kids. Also on the team was Marta and Ania from Laboraki, who showed the majesty of God through chemistry! The way they shared about God’s love through His creation (chemistry) and how that relates to our lives will surely stick with these kids in a meaningful way.

If you have any queries or wish to sign up for future camps please contact Hope4U on the ‘Contact’ page, or contact Bogdan directly. We also welcome volunteers! If you wish to get involved please contact us using the aforementioned details.