Bible retreat in Maróz, Poland

Bogdan often organises weekend retreats multiple times a year, involving many of the young adults he is connected with as well as their friends. The aim of these retreats is to grow closer to Christ through a devotional led by Bogdan, as well as grow closer to one another. Growing in both faith and fellowship, whilst seeing the beautiful sights Poland has to offer.

The theme for this retreat was ‘Light of the World’. This retreat had three devotionals each day along with activities such as games, worship, visiting Olsztynek; Olsztyn and Grunwald; a walk through a forest to a fish farm. And on the way back to Warsaw we visited the castle of Nidzica, as well as Opinogóra Górna.

If you are interested in getting involved in future retreats, you can contact Hope4U on the ‘Contact’ page or Bogdan directly.